«Dirty Skeleton» No Mad Ronin – Musicvideo

Camera, Direction and Cut: Kosei Takasaki, Flavio Degen & Navina Clever
Concept & Production: Leila Waithera & Navina Clever
Production support: Paulina Wanat
Casting: Leila Waithera
Styling: Rosa Tharrats Oliva
Make-up: Rene Abdel Gadir & Rosa Tharrats Oliva
Dancer: Raquel Casadi, Rene Abdel Gadir aka Renate von Regenbogen & Grete Gehrke

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«Kot der Killer» HMTOPD

This masterpiece of cultural development was lost for almost ages.
History has to be rewritten!
This evidence of genius mastercraft shows the vast development of this ancient and highly developed society and civilization.
It’s unbelievable what they were able to create with their primitive technology back in 2011.

Track: Kot der Killer
Artists: He Man Trust On Power Dust

Musicvideo produced by powerdust.tv


«Buy 2 Save» – HMTOPD – Musicvideo

Finally the recordings we made back in 2009 found a destinatary: a KINNIKU (HE MAN TRUST ON POWER DUST) track mixed live by TYRES & WIGS.
The video was shot in London, east as you can see, with Franek Zbieszczyk aka PACO PACO behind the camera and DEADLY ALIVE in a costume made by the unique Latoya Walker (handmade shit!). The final edit is made by Flavio Degen and Kosei Takasaki.